Sadkhin Diet

Sadkhin Diet reviewThe Sadkhin Diet is a fad strategy that claims that it will be able to help a dieter to be able to lose weight very quickly, but still safely. Instead of focusing on starving yourself, it uses acupressure to keep hunger to a minimum. In theory, this will help the dieter to be able to eat far less without having to feel as though he or she is starving. Furthermore, it also claims to help to cleanse the body while it synchronizes the operation of the organs.

The website for the Sadkhin Diet shows the ways in which a dieter will be required to change his or her typical eating habits so that he or she will be able to drop ten percent of his or her body weight within a tiny period of ten days. Reviews by users on third party sites have been highly skeptical and it isn’t difficult to understand why. All that is used for this diet is acupressure and exclusively healthy foods.

While the diet, itself, isn’t tremendously challenging to follow in terms of knowing what the rules are, for the majority of people, it would be impossible to be able to achieve the weight loss that is outlined in the program’s claims. While the idea behind this fad may seem as though it is a good one, the reality is quite different. Moreover, any results that are actually achieved throughout the length of this diet will rapidly diminish once it is no longer being followed as it is likely that much of the weight that is lost will be water weight, and the rest will rebound before the body is able to recover from being in starvation mode (a slowed metabolism from eating too few calories).

Though the acupressure can help many people to better control their hunger, using it to such an extreme degree may not be the safest method for everyone. There were reports of users of this diet (in their reviews of their experience) who found that they were incapable of eliminating their hunger, and who were not able to lose nearly the amount of weight that was promised.

It is very important for anyone considering this diet to first speak with a doctor as it may not be safe for everyone and it could put a dieter’s health at risk if it does not agree with their specific medical needs.