Friends with the Scale

Friends with the Scale reviewFriends with the Scale: How to Turn Your Scale Into a Powerful Weight Loss Tool is a book available in both paperback and ebook format. It was written by Linda Spangle. The purpose of the book is to take the dread away from the bathroom scale and allow readers to discover how to use it as a tool for more effective weight loss.

Many studies have shown that the way a dieter uses a bathroom scale can greatly change his or her chances of successfully reaching weight loss goals. This is because the scale can play a large role in a person’s emotional state and motivation. When used effectively, it can encourage someone to keep going. When used improperly, it can become a negative influence on a diet and can drain a person’s motivation to keep going with the effort.

Friends with the Scale has been written to provide dieters with a practical approach to using the scale in order to gain the positive benefits while avoiding the drawbacks. The content of the book is a combination of personal stories as well as a smattering of scientific information.

The main topics covered by the book include avoiding the dread from stepping on a bathroom scale, knowing when you should absolutely not use a scale, understanding and managing the doctor’s office scale, the various factors that can change the numbers you see on the scale and how to overcome the inclination to feel like a failure when you see your weight rise on a scale.

The book is written in a way that allows a reader to follow a step-by-step plan to alter his or her weight-in rituals so they become an inspiring and motivational time instead of one that is dreaded and that leaves an emotional beating behind. As such, it isn’t about dieting as much as how to use this specific tool as a part of a broader weight management strategy.

While the book isn’t endorsed by any doctors it has received exceptionally positive reviews on Amazon, where it is sold. At the time of the writing of this review, Friends with the scale had received 74 ratings on Amazon and 89 percent of them were 5-stars. The remaining 11 percent were 4 stars with nothing lower than that. A 4.9 percent average rating on Amazon is a very strong one for a dieting guide, particularly one focused nearly exclusively on a single motivational tool.

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