Get Gorgeous Now

Get Gorgeous Now ReviewGet Gorgeous Now is a book about weight loss that is written by an author simply named Mary Jane. The purpose of the book is to provide people with everything that they need in terms of tricks, tips and inside secrets, so that the readers will have everything that they need to achieve the looks that they see in Hollywood.

The story is essentially that the author is a “plain Jane” who didn’t like her life or appearance, so she discovered the ways that the people in Hollywood achieve their perfect appearances. Then, practically overnight, she was able to convert herself into the person that she always wanted to be. This led her to write the book that contains all of the instructions to follow so that the reader will be able to look like Hollywood stars, as well.

At the time of this review, the book had a website consisting of only one page that asks the reader a number of different questions. The site says that if the reader’s answer to any of the questions was “yes” then it is recommended that they purchase the book, which is available for immediate download in e-book format.

Every part of this book, from the marketing to the actual product , is extremely gimmicky. The full layout of the book is swamped with text and it is designed in a very unprofessional way. The website offers a number of before and after photos, but it is difficult to tell whether or not they are actually genuine, as it is a common tactic in this industry to use stock before and after photos, or simply to alter the images using any number of available software products for that purpose.

There is no satisfaction guarantee associated with this ebook and at the time of this review, it was selling for $19.95, which is quite the hefty price for a downloadable product, as opposed to the print copy.

The claims from the marketing of this book are extremely difficult to believe. Although it could be true, the entire design of the website and the product itself is highly gimmicky and mirrors the marketing tactics of hoaxes and scams. Many of the promises are simply too big to be anything real.

What was interesting is that while the author of the book on the official site claims to be “Mary Jane”, this same book is available on a number of other very similar sites under other names that also claim to be the author. This entire selling scheme seems very dubious and for a book of that cost, it would likely be just as easy to move on to the next option.

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