Great Shape

Great Shape book reviewGreat Shape is a weight loss guide book that is designed not to dictate how people should eat as much as it focuses on fitness as a whole. It is meant to help people who are overweight or obese to be able to get in shape. It was written by Pat Lyons, who makes it clear that the majority of people who want to lose weight are not already fit and thin. That said, nearly every fitness video on the market star people who are both of those things. This book is geared toward people who have not already reached their optimal size or fitness level, but who would like to achieve a healthier body.

Within this book, Lyons explains the way in which various exercises will specifically contribute to the ability to lose weight and become more fit. Moreover, it also contains an explanation of how an overall healthy lifestyle can be achieved in order to help with weight loss and maintenance, instead of focusing on specific activities to try to force fat off the body.

The focus of the book is in teaching the dieter that if the main goal is weight loss, the odds are that it will either fail, or it will succeed in the short term and then fail in the long term. The book is therefore designed to help dieters to stop trying to focus on the short term, and to use the long term to naturally come upon the desired weight and fitness results. Overall, the book also teaches that by adopting these healthy long term practices, self confidence and self esteem will also naturally rise.

The Great Shape book is available in many different bookstores both online and in brick and mortar shops. It has been on the market long enough that it can be found both in used and new copies, depending on what the dieter wishes. The paperback form has 279 pages and was found at the time of this review for prices that range from $7 for a used copy to $16.61.

While any dieter could probably use this book, it is clearly geared specifically for women, and even more precisely toward those who are overweight or obese. It offers advice for daily exercises and while fitness is the primary area in which the book concentrates, it does provide advice for changing overall eating habits, even if food isn’t the primary purpose of the pages.

Customer reviews have explained that the primary challenge that has been faced by individuals who have actually purchased the book has been in the quality of the text and writing, itself, and in that there is no website to support the book. It has become quite commonplace for diet and exercise books to be supported by websites that offer additional exercises, recipes, and articles, for example. Without that, the book is required to stand on its own, and it struggles to do this.