Gut Busters

Gut Busters review

Gut Busters is a weight loss plan that is published within a popular book that became quite the trend for a period of time. The author behind the book is Joyce L. Vedral, PhD. Vedral is a bodybuilder from the United States who gained a following across the country.

She appears to have designed the book with adult males in mind. In particular, she has geared the book toward men who are struggling to lose belly fat and who want to be able to replace their gut with a tighter, toned set of ab muscles.

Belly Fat Loss for Men is the Main Focus

Nearly the entire Gut Busters book was written to address that specific area of the body, although it does provide the occasional piece of advice with regards to boosting the healthfulness of a diet and altering the lifestyle as a whole in order to promote healthier results. According to Vedral, the system described in the book is a 12-week program that requires only fifteen minutes from each day in order to be able to obtain the best possible results.

Overall, the book is primarily designed to provide advice for reducing body fat in men. That said, it also offers a few menu plans and some additional recommendations with regards to the type of lifestyle change that can provide assistance in slimming down the midsection.

There are many benefits to losing belly fat. In addition to losing weight and slimming down, it can be good for your overall health as visceral fat can increase your risk of certain diseases.

Gut Busters Advantages

Among the advantages of the Gut Busters book are that it is targeted specifically to men in order to cater to their needs and the types of dieting efforts that work for them. The menu plan that it offers is not extensive but it can help to get men off on the right foot until they start to discover the way that they should be continuing the effort on their own.

There are some helpful exercises that target the midsection that are identified and described in this book. Of course, it cannot be overlooked that the author of this program is also a well-known bodybuilder and, therefore, knows quite a bit about what it takes to burn fat and build muscle.

The exercises that are outlined in this book have been specifically chosen so that they do not require expensive equipment – or any additional equipment, for that matter – in order to accomplish them. This makes it much more likely that readers will actually try them because they won’t have the excuse of not owning what they need in order to do them. Moreover, the book describes the exercises as easy to perform, and the book contains illustrations to help to ensure that they are being done correctly.

The Not So Good Side

That said, the primary drawback to this book is that it does focus exclusively on the belly area and does not provide all that much information for the rest of the body’s health and toning.

Additionally, many of the reviews that have been left for this book are highly mixed. Consumers who have left positive feedback often like that the book is short with concise information and no added fluff. The images that are included has also been well received.

On the flip side, those who were less than impressed, complained that the book was much to short and the information provided wasn’t revolutionary, with most of the content it contained now easily found on the web for free via a simple online search.

As of September 2020, while Gut Busters can still be purchased as a used paperback on Amazon, it isn’t easy to procure elsewhere and an eBook version has never been made. Due to it being released in the early 1990s and its current lack of ability, digital or otherwise, it is likely out of print.

As there is a good chance that the information provided in Gut Busters is out of date, it would likely be in your best interest to consider another fat loss or muscle toning book to trim down your belly fat, if this is what most appeals to you.