Love Me Slender: How Smart Couples Team Up to Lose Weight, Exercise More, and Stay Healthy Together

Love Me Slender How Smart Couples Team Up to Lose Weight Exercise More and Stay Healthy TogetherLove Me Slender: How Smart Couples Team Up to Lose Weight, Exercise More, and Stay Healthy Together is the title of a book designed to help couples to improve their diet and fitness together. This book was written by Thomas N. Bradbury, PhD and Benjamin R. Karney, PhD. It was published based on research conducted with the participation of 1,000 married couples.

The purpose of the book is to show couples how they can strengthen their drive to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight by way of strengthening their relationship. The book offers a new approach to fat loss that makes sure that couples are supporting each other in weight management instead of inadvertently sabotaging each other.

This book addresses the common weight gain phenomenon that often occurs after a couple is married and settles into their relationship. The goal is to be able to overcome this trend by providing support for each other through exercise and nutritious eating habits. By focusing on the relationship as a whole and sharing these health-focused activities, the book says that weight will naturally be lost and without nearly as much challenge as it otherwise would.

Love Me Slender suggests that if your spouse is (deliberately or accidentally) sabotaging weight loss efforts, the best thing to do is to take on better health together. When you’re there for each other in important issues such as this, it will strengthen your ability to lose weight at the same time that it fortifies your relationship.

The book lays out the main principles used by successful couples for improving their health. The reviews for this book on Amazon are primarily quite positive. At the time of the writing of this review, it had achieved a 4.1 star average out of 5 stars, which is very strong. Overall, customers who have reviewed the book appreciated the direct, step by step approach that is supported by research that was clearly described by the authors.

Customers also praised the way the book provided constructive methods and language that couples can apply to their relationships in order to clearly understand each other and express themselves. This understanding is core to being able to work together in order to achieve the common goal while supporting each other in achieving individual goals.

The only criticism for the book that was noted on Amazon at the time of the writing of the book stated only “Literally dumbest book I’ve ever read,” with no further detail. Considering the nature and wording of that review and the lack of statements to support its attempted claim, it is difficult to give it any credence.

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