Mind Gym

Mind Gym book reviewThe weight loss book called “Mind Gym” was written by authors Gary Mack and David Casstevens. This book concentrates on the idea that one of the primary answers to weight loss and other health and wellness success has to do with the state of the mind. Everything from illness to pain and even a proper activity level has to do with achieving the proper level of mental focus. The goal of Mind Gym is to help to ensure that an individual will be able to use his or her mind to the best possible degree in order to achieve the results that he or she wants in the gym.

A good part of this book is an explanation of the way that the mind plays a vital role in sport and physical fitness. This doesn’t just stop at proper weight management, but also beyond that to overall athletic performance. The book’s description on some popular online bookstore websites include quotes from professional athletes who endorse its concepts after having read it and enjoyed the information provided. Within the pages is an explanation of the way in which being a strong person on all levels, and not just physically, is the key to truly reaching greatness.

That said, when consulting customer reviews from verified purchasers, the opinions were a mixed bag. While some were highly enthusiastic, there were others who were less than impressed with what they learned. More than one accused this book of failing to provide anything original, but of being similar to a collection of concepts that are already available in other books. Though the positive and negative reviews were pretty much equal in numbers, it was the negative reviewers who gave more in depth information with regards to what they did and did not like about Mind Gym.

While it is very unlikely that Mind Gym can be considered to be one of the best books of its kind, it does provide some information for people who are just getting started in the area of the power of the mind in physical activity. If a reader can overcome the clichés, then it can provide some helpful resources to get started with this concept. That said, some of its information has been accused of being somewhat out of date, so it is a likely good idea to consider a different book if a reader is already familiar with this type of concept and is looking for something new or in depth.