Pound Melter Diet Program

pound melter diet program reviewPound Melter is a book that recommends a certain way of eating in order to be able to lose weight quickly and easily. It has a list of ingredients that are called “cold foods” that are provided in a list within the book. These are key ingredients to being able to complete this particular program.

The book recommends that a dieter keep up with the Pound Melter diet for thirty days. Supposedly, sticking to this eating plan will cause the body to burn calories more efficiently, decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease and fight dark fat cells, also known as brown adipose tissue. The book claims that a dieter may continue to eat all his or her favorite foods while at the same time reducing their weight by up to 28 pounds within the span of a month. At no point does the diet recommend over-the-counter supplements.

The Pound Melter ebook was written by Paul Saunders. It is targeted to both men and women who are trying to lose weight and is sold with a 60 day money back guarantee. The official website for this product provides before and after pictures as well as a few customer testimonials.

That said, when looking into this ebook off the official site, a number of reviews and complaints at consumer ratings sites suggested that customer service is somewhat lacking when purchasing this ebook. Many customers pointed out that they were left with important questions regarding the way they should proceed with the diet and were not able to receive the answers they needed. Moreover, other customers complained that when they attempted to use the money back guarantee because they were not satisfied with their results on the diet, they were unable to have their money returned.

There are even reports of customers who purchased the book and who didn’t even receive it but were unable to reach any form of customer support for assistance.

Still, that experience was not universal. There is at least one report of a dieter who managed to have his or her questions answered by the customer service department.

Aside from the customer service that appears to be strong for some and not for others, the results were also varied with this diet. While some people said they achieved a little bit of weight loss, others had no luck at all.

Among the main anxieties expressed in terms of trying out the Pound Melter Diet after having read the book is that it doesn’t recommend any specific workouts. It does seem interesting and appealing to many but there are hesitations due to the lack of suggestions in terms of physical activity.