Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps

Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps book review

The Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps is a type of cookbook that provides a range of recipes that are not only geared toward weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, but also provide suggestions to be able to convert non-vegan recipes into dishes that are vegan friendly by switching the ingredients.

The author of the book, Kim Barnouin, claims that any recipe can be made vegan as long as the right substitute ingredients are used to replace those that are not appropriate to this lifestyle.

Eating Vegan in a Healthy Way

The Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps is very thorough in that it provides not only a list of the swaps, but also a great deal of supporting information, such as habits for eating vegan in a healthy way.

For instance, the book contains helpful lists and features like:

  • The best places for vegans to conduct their grocery shopping
  • Delicious swaps for favorite dairy products
  • Top ten things that you can eat when stranded in an airport

The book is written in a fun and interesting style that quickly allows the reader to feel as though he or she is being addressed directly by the author. It is witty and avoids becoming dull or uninteresting by being informative and by using the right tone.

Like other diet books a part of the Skinny Bitch series, Barnouin takes a no-nonsense and user-friendly approach. By doing so, she removes the mystery of following a plant-based diet, providing a comprehensive, sensible and simplistic guide that tells readers what foods might look healthy but actually aren’t, and explains how to avoid the foods they don’t want. The information addresses vegan dietary concerns ranging from calories to carbon footprints.

That said, one drawback to the book is that a large number of its pages are dedicated to naming grocery stores and restaurants that provide vegan friendly foods. Though this is helpful if those specific stores are located near the reader, many will find themselves out of luck. Not to mention, too many lists takes away from providing the reader with more valuable content.

As such, it may have been more helpful for the author to provide a guide to shopping in an average supermarket in order to find the necessary products in addition to top lists of recommended locations.

How to Obtain the Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps

When this Skinny Bitch Book of Vegas Swaps was written, the book was available on Amazon and other books stores online in both print and digital editions. For instance, Amazon sold the eBook format for $10.41 and the print version for $15.99.

The print version comes in a few different formats, though for use in the kitchen, the spiral bound is likely the most practical. It is also probably more appealing in the kitchen than the digital edition. That said, the eBook is notably less expensive than the other two versions as you can see based on the prices listed above.

Eating Vegan Isn’t for Everyone

It is important to note that eating vegan is not appropriate for everyone. This book recognizes that. It is meant for people who have made the choice to switch to vegan either as a lifestyle or even just for a weekend. It is also helpful for people who simply want to know what ingredients to choose as a substitute, for example, if they will be entertaining someone who eats only vegan meals.

Although Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps shouldn’t be considered an all-inclusive guidebook to becoming vegan, it does provide a great deal of foundation and helpful hints. Its best benefit is in its “swaps”, which allow a reader to be able to simply convert the meals that he or she already loves into something that will be friendly to a vegan lifestyle.

At the same time, this will often make it much easier for a person to lose weight, as many people rapidly start losing weight simply by cutting meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal-based products out of their meals. In fact studies have suggested that individuals who consume a plant-based diet tend to have lower BMI than those who consume non-plant-based diets and that these diets may be helpful for weight loss.

With that said, keep in mind that if you are planning to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle with or without the help of the Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps, it would be a good idea to first consult with your doctor or a professional dietitian before making this lifestyle change. This is important to make sure that you are obtaining the necessary nutrients to maintain optimal long-term health and wellbeing if your intention is to fully eliminate meat, poultry, fish and animal-based products (e.g. dairy and eggs) from you diet.