The Dolce Diet

The Dolce Diet reviewThe Dolce Diet is a weight loss program that is based on a book that was written by Mike Dolce. The book was entitled “The Dolce Diet: Living Lean”. The author is a dieting and nutrition expert who has guided some of the most famous athletes worldwide. The book has received a considerable amount of attention and provides its readers with concepts, recipes, and workouts that he had previously shared only with the athletes who had hired him.

This book is clearly geared toward people who want to be able to learn how to live their lives in a way that is similar to some of their favorite sports stars. It was written to help them to better understand the way that famous athletes live their lives, and who the reader will be able to adopt some of those habits in order to improve their own weight maintenance and physical performance at sports and exercises. Essentially, it’s meant for people who want to look like they, too, are sports stars.

The Dolce Diet is not meant for people who want an easy ride to lose weight. Instead, this is geared toward people who are hoping to get their eating and exercising in order so that they can lose weight and build muscle. Sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs are the people who are most likely to find this book appealing.

That said, even people who are not quite as wrapped up in the fitness world may still benefit from the lessons and information that the author has to offer throughout its pages. The spectrum of different meal plans and recipes within this book make it possible for people to be able to adapt them for a number of different purposes. The options are quite varied, even including options for people who are living gluten free or who live a vegan lifestyle.

Aside from the diet options, there are also instructions for a range of different strength training, cardio, and conditioning exercises and workouts. They include both written instructions and supporting images to help the user to complete the exercises properly and safely.

While it does look as though there is a great deal of potential for the diet plans and exercises in this book, it is still clear that it is meant for people who already have a mindset of sticking to a program – serious athletes. The average dieter may need more in terms of motivation and drive not to give up partway through a diet plan.