The Sparkpeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight

The Sparkpeople Cookbook Love Your Food Lose the Weight reviewThe book called “The Sparkpeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight” is a companion to the highly popular online diet program at That free weight loss and fitness site has skyrocketed in popularity and it has been producing a growing range of books and products to help to monetize the experience. Its first book, “The Spark” was a New York Times bestseller, and this cookbook was published in 2011 to build on that success.

The cookbook works alongside the SparkPeople program, providing recipes that suit the same principles that are described on its website. Its official description says that it “takes the guesswork out of making delicious, healthy meals and losing weight”.

The recipes were assembled by Meg Galvin, and award winning chef, so that they could be brought into book form by Stepfanie Romaine, the author and editor. The book contains 160 different recipes that area meant to be stress free, sustaining, and satisfying, as well as healthy.

The customer reviews on Amazon have been exceptionally positive. At the time of the writing of this review, it had accumulated all five star reviews, aside from one four star review. Nothing below that had been submitted by this time.

This could mean that the authors have managed to accomplish their goal of providing real food that tastes good, that is not too challenging to create, and that can be eaten in generous portions. The purpose of the book – as is the case with the website and program – is not to slip into a fad dieting mode, but to instead build healthy overall eating and lifestyle habits that can be maintained over the long term.

Customers who reviewed the book praised it for using familiar ingredients – or at least ones that were not obscure and that they could find at their supermarket – and for giving them recipes that give them the ability to keep up with a well balanced and healthy diet without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Its design and style provides its readers with the ability to start off with these recipes and then also move on to make their own smart choices so that they can always love the foods that they are eating.

While it is labeled a cookbook, it has clearly been carefully created not to be simply a collection of recipes. There is also a considerable amount of text dedicated to ensuring that these meals are only a jumping off point and that the reader should be encouraged to keep up with the efforts to achieve personal goals and to bring in others for help and support.

Aside from the recipes, it also offers taste enhancing cooking techniques, how to’s for improving the health benefits of a meal, kitchen essentials lists, and even ingredients swaps to reduce fats and calories while boosting flavor.