Actislim Platinum

Actislim Platinum reviewActislim Platinum is an over the counter weight loss supplement that was designed in order to provide an answer to what they say was a demand from their customers for a product that was even more powerful than the original formula that had previously been released. There is still an original product version available, but now this second product is also on the market for dieters who are seeking something stronger than what was on the shelves before.

The official manufacturer and product websites don’t offer a comparison of the two products, so it is up to the dieter to determine what kind of effects they would like to experience and then to research each pill to find out whether or not either of them is capable of providing those outcomes. The difficult part of that process has to do with the fact that the websites don’t actually offer the quantities of the ingredients used within the products, so it is impossible to know how strong any effects from individual ingredients could be.

By looking more closely at the design and layout of the website, it is quite evident that the main goal is to make a sale and that educating and informing potential customers is more of a secondary purpose for the site.

The claim of the two websites is that Actislim Platinum is a 100 percent all natural food supplement. The claims are that it will be able to help a user to “achieve your personal lifestyle goal.” That said, this claim is about as specific as the promises are on the sites. It doesn’t actually make any specific claims with regards to dieting and weight loss, or precisely how it will make it easier for a “personal lifestyle goal” to be achieved. While this does say that the company is reputable enough not to make any false promises about what its supplement has to offer, it doesn’t say very much about what the product will actually do.

None of the information on the Actislim Platinum website actually explains why a person should be using this product. The only indication that the product is meant to be used by dieters is that it is sold within the weight loss category on this site and several other online retailers, and it has the word “slim” within the product name. This being the case, it would be difficult to identify a reason to recommend this for dieters, as it isn’t even clear what it is supposed to do.