CardiaShred reviewCardiaShred is an over the counter diet supplement that has been created to function as a type of weight loss aid. It was developed by Heüer M.D. Research and is marketed to bodybuilders and athletes who are seeking to reduce their body fat levels. Therefore, while it is meant for weight loss, it isn’t technically designed for the average dieter, but is instead meant for people who are very active but who need to reduce their body fat percentage.

At the time that this review was written, the official website for this product called it a “synergy of weight loss, energy ignition, calorie burning, heart supporting, and lean muscle building” and said that it was “Medical Doctor Formulated.” That said, it also listed itself as being meant for “heart healthy weight loss” and that it promoted better cardiac health.

The formulating of the diet pill was created by Dr. Harv Heuer. Dr. Heuer is a medical doctor and is the chief executive officer of Heüer M.D. Research. When he created the product, he brought together a tremendous number of ingredients; 32 in total. Among those ingredients are: Caffeine, COP, Green Tea, Yohimbe, Omega 3(form fish source), Citrus Aurantium, and Cissus quadrangularis.

That list, alone, is rather worrying, and it doesn’t represent the complete formulation of 32 ingredients. The reason that it is concerning is that it contains a large number of very powerful stimulants. On their own, and in appropriate doses, the right stimulants can boost the body’s ability to burn fat and they can increase energy levels and alertness, which is great in helping to power through workouts. However, from that partial ingredients list, alone, caffeine, green tea, yohimbe, and citrus aurantium are all stimulants.

Even among that shortened list, another red flag raises, as citrus aurantium contains synephrine. The FDA has released a warning to consumers, cautioning them not to use products containing synephrine for the purpose of losing weight, because that substance has been associated with some powerful and dangerous side effects among certain dieters. Those include an increased risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke.

For this reason, it is highly advisable to speak with a doctor before taking this product or any other that contains synephrine, whether it is for weight loss associated with athletic or bodybuilding goals or whether it is for overall weight loss. This could help to prevent making a mistake that could be dangerous to your health.