Organic Active Cleanse

Organic Active Cleanse reviewOrganic Active Cleanse is an over the counter supplement that is still being sold from many different retailers and websites, but that may have been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is not entirely clear. While it is still broadly available to be purchased, it looks as though the official website for the product has been taken down. At the time of the writing of this article, it is unclear whether the site is simply being removed or replaced, or if this is an indication that ActiveLabs, the manufacturer, doesn’t have any intention of moving forward with the product.

It may also be that this product name is being phased out and that another similar product is being developed to replace it, as visiting the URL for the previous official website for Organic Active Cleanse now automatically redirects the user to a product called ActiveLabs Raspberry Ketones.

Still, as it remains available to be bought by dieters, it remains just as important to understand what Organic Active Cleanse is all about before buying it or taking it. The first step in considering any diet pill is to speak with your doctor. That way, you will be better able to know if it is a potentially helpful diet pill, but also if it is appropriate for your weight loss needs and expectations, if it is safe for you to use, and if it will conflict with any medical conditions, medications, or supplements you are taking.

The idea behind this product is that you will be able to cleanse the toxins from your system ahead of dieting so that your body will be prepared for improved digestion and you will be better able to lose weight by way of that efficiency. This product is marketed as being the first step of a diet that includes healthful eating and regular exercise.

Unfortunately, that entire concept of cleansing for weight loss is highly controversial. All evidence to support it is anecdotal, and many doctors will actually advise against detoxing and cleansing because it can be quite hard on the organs and systems of the body and can end up doing more harm than good. Moreover, that process can aggravate a broad range of different medical conditions that will only end up being harmful enough to make the benefits not worthwhile.

The promised weight loss benefits associated with Organic Active Cleanse are quite mild. This is because it isn’t supposed to directly cause fat loss, but instead prepares the body for improved fat burning of its own. Since there is risk involved and most doctors advise against cleanses, it may be better to skip this pill and simply choose to eat a more healthful diet combined with fitness appropriate activity levels.