Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack

Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack reviewBliss Fatgirl Six Pack is a topical product that is meant to work as a “tummy toning” gel. The idea is that you rub this substance into your skin in areas where you have excess fat, particularly in the belly area, and it will somehow cause the look of that fat to disappear so that you will have the look of six pack abs when all is said and done. The manufacturer of the product, Bliss, claims that it will not actually lead to fat loss or weight loss, but that it will look as though that has occurred.

The official website for this product claims that Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack should be used alongside a healthy eating and exercise program. By using it, it promises that abs will appear toned and that loose skin will be tightened. This is actually only one of a number of different products that this manufacturer sells in order to help dieters to lose weight or at least look as though they have. Bliss is based in a number of places around the world, such as London and Singapore, as well as several spots throughout the United States. That said, it found its beginnings in New York. It is a company that is based on spas, but that also sells its own line of products.

Bliss spas provide a broad range of different kinds of treatments, such as those involving skin care, body treatments, waxing, massage, nails, and others. This spa attempts to stand out from the rest by providing an upbeat and peppy experience instead of one that seems to be too “new age” with pan flutes and ocean waves.

The Bliss Fatbirl line of products are meant to help to recreate the spa treatments at home. In this case, it is a type of gel that comes in a bottle that doubles as a dispenser with a stimulator massage end. That is meant to be used to rub the product into the belly while massaging the area for enhanced circulation and improve results.

The active ingredients within this formula include: caffeine, amino acids, and creatine, oat kernel extract, manilkara tree extract, and menthol. That said, absolutely none of these ingredients have been proven to provide anything but the most minor and temporary results. While it may help the user to very slightly shrink his or her cellulite for a small period of time, it is exceptionally unlikely that it will provide the look of six pack abs as a result of its use.