BodyCraft VR100

BodyCraft VR100  reviewThe BodyCraft VR100 is a type of rowing machine that offers a number of appealing features to individuals who are seeking a new addition to their home gyms. This machine could be an impressive choice to people who already have several pieces of exercise equipment, but it may also be appropriate for someone who has never used a rowing machine before. The customer reviews have suggested that its flexibility, compact size, and price tag all make it a good choice for a broad spectrum of people.

Beyond the cost and the amount of space that it requires, the BodyCraft VR100 receives the most praise because of the six different resistance levels that it offers. The resistance is the result of both air and magnetic methods, providing users with the ability to customize their workouts depending on their strength, fitness level, and the range of different movements that they intend to use. The greater the number of resistance options a rowing machine has, the higher the variety of workouts that are possible when using it.

Still, it should be noted that there are other rowing machines being sold that provide a higher level of variety than this one. It is a good idea for beginners with rowing machines to try this one before actually buying it, as there have been some reviews that would suggest that even its lower resistance levels present a certain level of difficulty. Experienced rowers shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this machine, though, as the higher resistance levels are designed to be quite challenging.

The seat of the BodyCraft VR100 is wide and ergonomic, and there are rollers built into its underside, ensuring a smoother movement. There are many parts of this machine that are adjustable, ensuring improved comfort when in use. Moreover, from the pedals, the machine allows for 44 inches of movement, which is appropriate for people whose heights are petite to quite tall.

The angle and height of the console display can also be adjusted. While this doesn’t seem to be all that important, when actually using a rowing machine, it is helpful to be able to actually see the display of the number of calories burned, heart rate, time, distance, and even the number of strokes. The built-in Polar Heart Rate Monitor receiver is hooked up to a chest strap (which is optional and sold separately), to help a user to be able to ensure that he or she is remaining within the range of his or her target heart rate.