BreathslimThe development of the diet product that is now called Breathslim is the result of a group of international scientists that came together in the mid 1990s in order to look to ancient and modern breathing techniques to find out what benefits they can provide. This research continued over a period of 12 years, and what the group found was that by breathing more slowly and calmly, the body is better able to hold onto many of its resources for improved function.

They found that the average individual will take 17 individual breaths each minute. However, they believe that if the number of breaths can be reduced to a much lower 10 per minute, then there will be an increase of 40 percent in vital energy and it could improve the individual’s lifespan. Exactly how the “vital energy” was measured is not made particularly clear on the official website for the product. Nor was the link between that and the ability to lose weight made entirely clear.

What the scientists determined was that practicing absolutely any kind of breathing technique would benefit an individual more than not practicing any. That said, breathing techniques are not necessarily easy for the average person to master. Therefore, they created the prototype for Breathslim in order to help to make it easier for people to adopt these methods.

After three years of study using the prototype, the team stated that over 82 percent of the participants lost significant weight. Some had dropped as much as 44 pounds in a span of two months.

While this does sound very scientific and impressive, it should be kept in mind that these tests were being conducted by individuals who stood to benefit from the success and sale of the product. Moreover, none of those findings have ever been repeated by any reputable research group that is not connected to the company, to be published in peer reviewed journals. The methods that were used in the research of the group have not been carefully outlined and it is not stated whether the people who lost weight were also following some other form of weight loss plan or even using another product such as a diet pill.

While it is possible that the Breathslim diet product could be very helpful with weight loss, it has not yet reached the point that it should be considered medically proven to work for humans.