Diet Fuel Protein Soup

Diet Fuel Protein Soup reviewDiet Fuel Protein Soup is a weight loss product that is meant to function as a meal replacement. The product has been designed to offer dieters an alternative to shakes so that they can have an actual meal that they know will work well within their diets but that will keep their protein levels high, giving them a better chance at keeping their hunger under control.

The flavor options are Chicken & Herb or Vegetable flavor. They are made with both whey and soy protein to help the dieter to feel as though he or she has actually consumed a meal. The goal of the Diet Fuel Protein Soup is to provide a fast and easy option that avoids potentially fat and sugar filled alternatives.

According to the manufacturer, USN (Ultimate Sports Nutrition), these soups also help to provide the user with added fiber, a good source of protein, and an easy meal option that won’t break their diet. The official website calls these proteins soups delicious and nutritious and hot, instead of a cold shake or a room temperature bar.

The directions on the official website say that when following an energy (calorie) restricted diet, Diet Fuel Protein Soup and other meal replacements from the company, such as the Whey & Oats protein porridge, can replace up to two daily meals. They claim that this can help with safe and dramatic weight loss.

That said, it is important to consult with a doctor before starting a diet with products such as this, which are designed to replace full meals, as this can not only cause many dieters to struggle with overall nutrition but it can also mean that once the product is no longer being used, weight will come back on very quickly because “normal” food will be a shock to the system and to the metabolism.

When looking at the ingredients, many dieters may become somewhat concerned, as the ingredients list is exceptionally long, with dozens of different substances that make it up. Moreover, many of those ingredients are chemicals, thickeners, gelling agents, and flavor enhancers. A very small fraction of the ingredients are foods that are recognizable and that would be found in the average pantry. This makes it even more important for anyone considering the use of this product to speak with a doctor in order to make sure that vitamin and mineral deficiencies will not result from the regular use of this soup for up to two meals each day.