Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Sauna Suit

Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Sauna Suit reviewThe Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Sauna Suit is designed to be an effective piece of workout gear that is meant to help performance and results at the same time. From the performance side, the design of the suit is such that it will help to keep the muscles warm and prevent them from cooling down until the end of the workout. From the results side, it is designed to help the body to sweat out excess fluids, reducing the appearance of bloating from water weight.

This makes the suit appealing to both dieters and bodybuilders. The reason is that dieters and bodybuilders, alike, will be able to get the most out of their workouts, while potentially reducing the risk of injury from muscles that aren’t warm enough when they’re being pushed. Both types of users can also benefit from the reduction in fluid retention. From the side of dieters, it is great because it helps to show real fat loss by preventing added size that results from excess water in the body tissues. From the side of bodybuilders, the reduction in the layer of fluid overtop of the muscles helps to give them a more defined and chiseled appearance.

According to the official website for this product, it also helps the body to burn more calories with every workout, as well. That said, it doesn’t go to the extent of actually describing how it would go about doing that.

The Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Sauna Suit has a full cut to make it comfortable to wear, and its design is one that allows for ease of movement. Therefore, even though the wearer is wearing a suit that will trap body heat inside in order to promote full body sweating, it won’t impede motions or hold back the ability to complete the workout properly.

The product is made from heavy duty PVC in order to reduce the body’s ability to cool down and breathe, and to make sure that reduces the risk of ripping. The outfit is two-piece with elastic at the waist, as well as at the wrists and ankles. The hood is optional and there is a zippered pocket inside which the hood can be stored when it is not being worn.

Any water weight lost through the use of this suit is temporary. It is very important to take precautions against overheating and against dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids while using this suit in order to help to combat the risks of those conditions.