Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap reviewThe Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is a product that is made by Verseo. It is an As Seen on TV product. It is advertised as being an all natural method of detoxification for the body. It promises that it will reduce the size by inches and that it will provide the body with rejuvenation, overall.

The product works as a kind of bandage that is wrapped around the body to “draw dangerous toxin out of your body” so that inches can be lost all in the span of under an hour. This is not necessarily a unique claim as there are many detox wraps and similar products that essentially sweat excess fluids from the tissues to shrink down areas of the body that had been retaining water. This is a very temporary type of weight loss and it is likely that the size will return within a few days at the most.

Equally, if it works, it would be appealing to those who want to slim down just a little bit more to look their very best for reunions and other specific events.

Although the ad for the product on the official website does say that it was clinically tested and was developed in “some of Europe’s finest spas”, and even though it is endorsed by some of the top celebrities in Hollywood, this doesn’t mean that there are any guarantees that it will actually work. Nor does it necessarily suggest that any “toxins” will be drawn out of the body with the rest of the fluid that is sweated out. It says that the reason that toxins are drawn out of the body is that they are often stored in and around fat cells. That said, these wraps don’t cause fat loss, they cause fluid loss, meaning that the actual process and the location of the supposed toxins appear not to be connected.

The official webpage says that the Hollywood Detox Body Wraps will help to reduce stretch marks, break down cellulite, and even tighten and tone loose skin.

Overall, consumers do not appear to be all that taken with the results that they have achieved through the use of this product. Customer feedback has suggested that while this weight loss product does promote softer skin, it does not appear to be effective in terms of generating fat reduction. After daily use, many customers still complained that they had not seen the desired results and said that they would not choose to buy it again.