Jokari Healthy Steps

Jokari Healthy Steps reviewJokari Healthy Steps is a range of different kitchen tools that are designed to help with weight loss through portion control. The idea is to provide kitchen utensils and gadgets that allow a person to automatically prepare the right portion of each food in order to take the guess work out of food prep and encourage more healthful eating. This, in turn, has the potential to bring about weight loss if used with the right food choices.

There are quite a few different products, each designed to help to measure some of the foods that are most commonly served, so that the ideal portions for one person will end up on the plate. Among the options include:

The pasta basket – in which the pasta is cooked in a regular pot on a stove and then strained simply by lifting it by the handle out of the pot.
The cereal scoop – that measures the appropriate amount of cereal based on the recommendations for the majority of brands.
The cheese grater – so that only one serving of cheese per person is grated for a recipe.
The cookie pro – which includes a scoop for the dough and cutter/spatula to make sure cookies are the right size…although the trick is eating only one!
The dressing cruet – this can help to keep salad dressings stored and served in the right amount.
The dressing lid – for those who buy pre-made salad dressings, this lid pops onto the top of a normal bottle and will dispense only one proper serving.
Fish tongs – a wide spatula that makes it easier to pick up one serving of fish.
A nut bowl – keeping the snacks fresh and serving only the proper amount.
The pasta server – which grabs one portion of noodles at a time
The protein server – which is a spatula the right size for one portion of the majority of proteins. It takes the guess work out of how much to slice per person.
The starch server – which is a serving spoon of the right size for the majority of starches such as rice or potatoes.
The vegetable server – essentially a slotted serving spoon that helps to portion out the right size of veggies for a single serving. With this one, you can normally keep scooping.

The concept for the Jokari Healthy Steps kitchen tools is a handy one. According to user reviews, some are better and more practical than others.

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