Jree Ash Balance Platform Fitness Ball

Jree Ash Balance Platform Fitness Ball ReviewAnyone who grew up in the 1980s will remember the Pogo Ball, its commercials, and what it felt like to hop around the school yard throughout recess until it was banned because too many kids were getting hurt. If you’re feeling nostalgic and wish you could relive the hop-based exercise you used to get as a kid, then you may be interested in a Balance Platform Fitness Ball by Jree Ash.

The idea is exactly the same and they are becoming increasingly popular. That said, they’re not being purchased as much for children as they are for adults who remember using them back in their own childhoods. Moreover, these products are also being advertised as fitness tools that can help to give great cardio, muscle building and be fun at the same time.

The fact that they’re also being advertised as “explosion-proof” suggests that these Pogo Ball knockoffs may have built a reputation for bursting with too much weight or use.

The Jree Ash brand of Balance Platform Fitness Ball is advertised as being made out of environmentally friendly new materials. They are thick to prevent breaking, nontoxic and are marketed as stronger and more stable than rival products.

They are also advertised as being a healthy way to keep fit, whether the goal is overall fitness, sports training, or just for fun. Moreover the company behind the product also suggests that it’s good for the cardiovascular system as it promotes the healthy use of the heart and lungs. Consistent use may also help to encourage better balance and endurance in addition to fat burning and weight loss.

The product description points to the typical sedentary lifestyle of today’s office white-collar employee and how he or she can benefit from moving around and getting some cardio with this relatively small and light piece of cardio equipment.

This particular product is designed for people aged 6 through 45 years old. Its capacity is for users of up to 180 pounds. That figure is rather noteworthy as it is advertised as a tool to help overcome obesity. It is unlikely that the majority of people suffering from obesity would be able to use a product with such a low weight restriction, particularly among adults.

Overall, it doesn’t look like it provides too much of a workout, particularly as it focuses on only a few specific muscles, but considering the price, it might be fun to hop around on one, once again. Just don’t get caught using one in school!

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