Kuulee Bio Magnetic Weight Loss Earrings

Kuulee Bio Magnetic Weight Loss Earrings reviewKuulee Bio Magnetic Weight Loss Earrings are a product made from powerful magnets that are meant to be worn on the ears in order to encourage the body to shed extra fat. These particular magnets are meant to be worn on pressure points on the ear that some believe can change the processes in the body to promote fat burning.

The Kuulee Bio Magnetic Weight Loss Earrings are a polished finish magnetic metal product that are meant to offer precision in the acupressure they provide. That said, the fact that they are designed with magnets makes it possible for people to position them in exactly the right acupressure point regardless of whether or not there is a piercing there.

The directions for this product appear to have been written in a way that suggests they were likely written in another language and translated into English. For this reason, it isn’t entirely clear what they mean. For example, the official directions indicate that the earrings should be placed over the appropriate acupressure points.

However, they then guide the wearer to “repeatedly press day” and then to “press for at least 10 times, can not be the time and place restrictions, repeated time.” It looks as though this may mean that the wearer is meant to press on the earrings at least ten times throughout the day. It may also mean that there is no limit to the number of times a wearer can press on the earrings.

There are many of this type of product currently on the market. They range from seeds that adhere to the ear to other forms of magnet, earrings and items that are worn in other areas of the body such as the hands or feet. This type of acupressure product comes with a great deal of mixed reviews.

While some people swear by them and feel that they have made all the difference in helping them to lose weight more quickly and easily, other people feel that they don’t make a difference at all. Some people find them very comfortable to wear while others find them to be irritating.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a significant body of information to support the use of this type of home acupressure product for weight loss. That said, the company behind this product offers rapid email support for anyone who is willing ot give the product a try on themselves.