Leaner Creamer Original

leaner creamer original Leaner Creamer is a coffee additive that is meant to allow coffee drinkers to lose weight more effectively. It is used in the same way as a traditional creamer. However, the effect of using this instead of milk, cream or nondairy creamer is supposed to be quite different.

This proprietary blend is based on coconut oil which has been infused with citrus aurantium extract, hoodia and green tea extract. This is a non-dairy product and, for the purpose of this review, it is in the original flavor, which has a hint of vanilla. That said, a hazelnut flavor is also available from the brand. Though it is sold in a package that looks like an old fashioned milk bottle, this product comes in the form of a powder.

The official website describes coconut oil as being very good for weight loss due to the short and medium chain fatty acids it contains. The site’s description claims that those fatty acids “help in taking off excessive weight,” though there aren’t any studies cited. It calls this ingredient easy to digest and says it supports healthy endocrine and thyroid function. Furthermore, it says that it removes stress to the pancreas and therefore boosts the metabolic rate because this allows the body to burn more energy.

It says that coastal areas in tropical climates where coconut oil is used every day as a main cooking oil don’t typically have high rates of obesity or of being overweight. Again, that claim is made without any statistics or studies to support it. Moreover, it doesn’t show that there could be factors other than the use of coconut oil in cooking that may be contributing to a lower rate of obesity, even if that original claim were true.

That said, aside from the bold and yet unsubstantiated statements, what is truly troubling is the very nature of this product. The reason is that it is a formula with citrus aurantium as its main weight loss supplement ingredient and this product is made specifically for use in coffee. The problem with that is that citrus aurantium contains synephrine. It is the synephrine that acts as a stimulant that may help to boost the metabolism and that will increase energy levels in most people.

The FDA has cautioned dieters against using products that contain both synephrine and caffeine as that combination increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and other dangerous medical reactions. While this product does not contain those two ingredients, it does contain synephrine and it has been specifically designed to be used in a beverage containing caffeine: coffee.

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