MealEnders reviewMealEnders are a specially designed form of edible treat designed to help dieters to overcome their overeating struggles, employ improved portion control and reduce the need for snacking. They claim to be able to achieve these goals without the use of supplements or drugs. They are simply treats that can be eaten and that will expose the dieter to two carefully created layers of sensory experience.

According to the official MealEnders website, the outer layer of the treat is the “reward” layer. It is the sweet, “dessert” experience that is meant to trigger the sensation of the end of a meal since most people eat their desserts after having finished their main meals. The inner layer of the treat is a center that provides a “cooling/tingling” sensation. This cleanses the palate in order to provide the feeling of having finished eating.

Over time, the use of MealEnders is meant to help a dieter to train his or her mind to be satisfied with a meal on command. It trains the brain to know when it’s right to stop eating. This is done through a combination of engaging sensations in both the body and mind, says the official website.

While the official website does not provide any links to scientific study that would indicate that claims being made have been backed by science or medicine, it has received praise from Weight Watchers Magazine, and Hungry Girl.

To use this product, dieters are instructed to pay attention to the way they feel during mealtime. As soon as that very first sensation of comfortable fullness starts to occur – about 20 minutes into the meal – it’s time to stop eating. They recommend a practice of leaving food on the plate in order to train the mind in a visual way. This can help to break the link between satisfaction from a meal and a clean plate. The idea is to teach the mind that fullness can be achieved with food left on the plate.

The recommendation is to eat three quarters of the meal and then eat one of the MealEnder candies. Twenty minutes from starting the meal, the sensation of satisfaction should be present.

It is also designed to provide an alternative to high calorie desserts as it does start with the sensation of sweetness before moving on to the refreshing layer that cleans the palette. Each serving of this product contains 15 calories and essentially no nutritional value.

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