Mirilya Weight Loss Necklace

Mirilya Weight Loss Necklace reviewThe Mirilya Weight Loss Necklace is a piece of jewelry made out of semi precious gemstone beads that are supposed to promote fat loss. The necklaces are made of substances such as apatite, sodalite and sunstone. Each piece is handmade in Illinois.

The official product description on the Amazon page for this product – as the product is not described on the Mirilya webpage – says that the necklaces are beautiful, natural and made with genuine gemstones. The claim in the official description are that both sunstone and apatite are known for being “SUPREME” for the suppression of hunger at the same time that they accelerate the metabolism. The other gemstone, soladite, boosts cellular function, thereby easing the weight loss process, says the description. Soladite is also said to be important for enhancing the immune system.

Together, the product is described as providing a complete combination for weight loss. The product is made of 6mm beads of the three types of gemstone. Apatite is green – though the version used in this necklace has a bluish appearance, while sunstone is a creamy color with a hint of pink in it. The sodalite is a rich blue.

The length of the necklace, including the jump ring and clasp, is about 15.5 inches. The extension chain provides an additional 2 inches, in case the wearer prefers a necklace up to 17.5 inches in length.

While there are many people who look to the healing power of crystals and gemstones to help them to overcome various illnesses and ailments, it is important for anyone considering the use of this product to speak with a doctor. The reason is that this necklace alone should not be considered a cure for obesity. Its use – regardless of whether or not it is effective – must be combined with proper eating and exercising habits in order to encourage weight loss.

The directions for the use of this product specifically recommends that a healthcare specialist be consulted as the Mirilya Weight Loss Necklace is not meant to be used as a medical treatment.

That said, at a price of $44.50 on Amazon, whether it provides weight loss benefits, an attractive piece of jewelry or something in between, it is something from which most people could benefit without any side effects from use. Moreover it is less expensive than the use of most types of diet pills without side effects. Therefore, even if it doesn’t work, at least it will be something pretty to wear without health risks.

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