Nylon Face Slimming Belt by MarbellStore

Nylon Face Slimming Belt by MarbellStore reviewThe Nylon Face Slimming Belt by MarbellStore is a product sold exclusively on Amazon and that has been designed to help people to slim down the face. It is one of a large number of products sold online that have been created to target a specific part of the body instead of working on overall weight loss.

The product comes in orange or pink and is made out of a soft nylon as well as a type of natural rubber resin. It weighs about 60 grams. According to the official product description on the product page, the materials in this product will not cause harm to the skin and the design makes it quite comfortable to wear.

That same description also says that the design of the Nylon Face Slimming Belt by MarbellStore was based on the “concept of pressure therapy” and the “movement principle of fat.” It isn’t at all clear what that is meant to mean. Pressure therapy, it can be relatively safely assumed, refers to a type of acupressure. That is a practice that is similar to acupuncture except that it uses pressure points instead of needles in the skin. That said, it is not evident what the description meant when it described fat movement.

Fat is not a type of fluid that flows under the skin. Instead, fat cells exist in a specific number under the skin. By the time a person reaches late adolescence or early adulthood, he or she will have a set number of fat cells on the body. They can grow larger or smaller, which causes weight gain and weight loss. However, the fat doesn’t actually move around. It only fills or reduces within the fat cells.

This description of the Nylon Face Slimming Belt by MarbellStore is either deliberately misleading to dieters or it reflects a lack of understanding by the makers or marketers of this product.

At the time of the writing of this review there were no customer reviews for this product on Amazon. Therefore, it is impossible to know if anyone who has purchased this product has had any luck with it.

One thing that should be pointed out is that if this product is to have any impact on the weight of the face, it is likely to be from sweating out fluids stored in the skin. This would reduce water weight instead of removing fat and would therefore be only very temporarily slimming – if at all.

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