Obalon reviewWhile many dieters look to supplements, drugs, or surgery in order to be able to lose weight more quickly and easily without having to take a prescription medication, Obalon has been created to offer an entirely new category for weight loss assistance. Though this product is sold and taken in the form of a type of diet pill, the way in which it reacts within the body is unlike any other substance in today’s marketplace.

Instead of containing chemicals, extracts, or herbs, the Obalon capsule contains a type of balloon. Once the pill is in the stomach, the outer capsule dissolves and its contents inflate like a balloon within the stomach so that the user will start feeling full more quickly from eating meals, and to make sure that the sensation of fullness will continue over a longer period of time. This won’t cause weight loss, in itself, but this type of appetite suppression is meant to make it easier for dieters to be able to adhere to a reduced calorie diet without suffering from feelings of being “starving” that can cause them to overeat.

The Obalon’s design is meant to provide users with a solution that is somewhat similar to that of a gastric band, but in a method that does not require any surgery. At the time of this review, this was not a prescription product, but it was available exclusively in the United Kingdom and still required the dieter to have to consult with a private health care company to ensure that it will be safe and appropriate for the individual. In fact, upon opening the website, there is an initial warning directed specifically to U.S. residents in order to inform them that the website is not meant for an American audience as the product has not been cleared by the FDA.

The official website for this diet product indicates that it is meant exclusively for individuals whose BMI is greater than 27 and who have been having a hard time trying to be able to lose the excess weight.

The health care professionals from the company will monitor a dieter’s progress throughout the entire process in order to make sure that there aren’t any side effects or complications, or that if any should occur, they can be overcome as quickly and easily as possible.

It should also be noted that because of the nature of the product and program, it is considerably more expensive than the average over the counter diet pill.