Power Pops

Power Pops ReviewPower Pops are a type of weight loss supplement sold in lollipop form instead of the traditional pills, drops or powders. They are made and manufactured by the Essante Worldwide company. These may look and taste like candies, but upon reading the ingredients, it rapidly becomes clear that the product is made with the same dubious weight loss pill ingredients that have flooded the industry over the last few years.

The main ingredient within this product is hoodia, which is a greatly hyped substance that is supposed to act as an effective appetite suppressant. However, research into this ingredient has been sketchy at best, with conflicting results and questioned credibility among the research studies indicating that it might work. Moreover, no solid and reputable evidence is available to suggest that hoodia works in supplement form as opposed to eating the cactus like plant as a whole food.

Still, hoodia isn’t the only substance within these candies. The Power Pops active ingredients are listed as: hoodia, citrimax, L-tyrosine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Guarana, and natural flavors.

Citrimax, officially called Super CitriMax, is a patented dietary supplement ingredient made of hydroxycitric acid, chromium polynicotinate, and gymnema sylvestre. None of these individual ingredients nor the combination of substances has been proven to be directly linked with an improvement in fat loss in the body.

In fact, of all the ingredients in this product, the substance most likely to have any effect a user would feel is guarana. This is a natural ingredient that is often used in products due to its high caffeine content. In fact, it is the source of the stimulant in many energy drinks. Therefore, if there is anything these Power Pops are most likely to do for a dieter, it is to provide a bit of extra energy. This could be helpful to dieters who need an additional boost of energy to perform better during their workouts.

Dieters who are sensitive to stimulants may not like Power Pops as it could cause them to experience certain side effects from the caffeine content. These could include jitters, moodiness, anxiety, headaches and others, most of which are likely to be mild and temporary.

As the directions recommend that dieters consume power pops with an 8 ounce glass of water three times per day, a half hour before each large meal, it is more likely that drinking the water will suppress the appetite than the ingredients within this formulation.

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