Ruipu Panda Box

Ruipu Panda Box reviewThe Ruipu Panda Box is a self proclaimed slimming and beauty machine and is sold as weight loss equipment at a number of online retailers and marketplaces.

It claims to be appropriate for all skin types and comes with a range of pretty spectacular sounding promises. Whether or not those work is something else altogether. On its Amazon listing, it says it is “intensive physical to remove surplus fat,” though it isn’t entirely clear what that means. It appears that the statement is either missing a word or is the result of a low quality translation from another language.

Aside from that, the claims about the Ruipu Panda Box are that it provides lymphatic treatment, that it helps the body to burn surplus fat, that it tightens the skin and that it enhances the skin’s elasticity. It says that it will “improve orange peel organization,” which can only be assumed to be a claim that orange peel skin – that is, cellulite – will be reduced, though that is also unclear.

The areas of the body that this device is meant to treat include the waist, the belly, the thighs, the buttocks, arms, calves, and more.

It is supposed to work using ultrasonic cavitation (CAV), which is a greatly hyped fat treatment technique primarily available in salons in Europe. This method remains greatly controversial and doctors are mainly unconvinced of its benefits. The results of this process have been measured in inches, though weight seems to remain the same after several treatments. This indicates that there isn’t any fat burning and that any reduction in size is very temporary.

Moreover, those results have been measured when using professional salon devices and not machines such as the Ruipu Panda Box. It is unclear as to whether or not the technique works in the first place or whether or not it would be possible for a small at-home device to replicate any results that are achieved in salons.

According to customer reviews on the websites selling the product, they are comfortable to use, don’t have side effects and don’t cause pain or bruising. The description for the product claims that it causes “no ruggedness” which is assumed to mean that it doesn’t toughen the skin, but that is unclear. It also says there is “no rebounding phenomenon” which is assumed to mean that it won’t cause yo-yoing weight but again, that is merely a guess based on what is likely a rough translation.

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