Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device

Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device ReviewThe Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device is a gadget designed to help the body to naturally slim down and eliminate areas of unwanted fat. Though there is a Segbeauty website, it doesn’t appear to be related to the brand behind this weight loss product.

It is unclear as to whether or not there is an official website for this product. At the time this review was written, one could not be found by way of an appropriate amount of online research. Therefore, the information used for this review was obtained from third party websites that sell the product, such as

According to the official description for the product, as shared on sales websites, the point to using it is to be able to contour the body with greater control, for the purpose of boosting confidence levels. It is referred to as a type of treatment and is supposed to shrink areas of fat on the body that are stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise.

The description also says that the The Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device can be used to help reduce the waistline, the size of the backside, thigh size and the size of other areas of the body where unwanted fat tends to stick around. This also includes love handles, abs, upper arms and inner knees.

The device works by way of three different modes. The first mode is ultrasound cavitation. The second mode is red LED light therapy. The third mode is radio frequency (RF) thermal. By using all three modes as a therapy, it is supposed to work on cellulite through the “cavitation effect.” This term is not defined by the description of the product, despite its use and the fact that it is identified as the central reason for the benefits of the product.

That said, it does go on to say that the skin is simultaneously stimulated while the cavitation effect is occurring – by way of the LED red light therapy – and then the RF tightens the skin through stimulation. At some point, though it is unclear which mode is responsible for it, the cellulite is supposed to be broken up more effectively so the body can burn off the excess fat and the size will be reduced.

The Amazon description also quite randomly points out that the device can be used in red light therapy mode to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to bring the skin’s youthful appearance back again.

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