Shakeology reviewShakeology is a nonprescription weight loss product that is sold as a shake that is to be used to replace meals in order to encourage weight loss through calorie reduction. This dieting aid is made by the company called Beachbody LLC, which is a manufacturer that produces a range of different products, primarily within this same category. It is also recognized for the highly popular Shaun T INSANITY, for the fitness program called P90x by Tony Horton, as well as the Slim in 6 diet program.

According to the official website for Shakeology, each shake contains only a paltry 140 calories, but it will replace a complete meal. At the same time, it says that it will help to promote weight loss as it cuts down food cravings and gives dieters an advantage in building lean muscle mass. On top of those benefits, it is also supposed to improve the body’s ability to effectively digest, and it is meant to increase energy levels.

There are six flavors of the Shakeology meal replacement products. These are: strawberry, tropical strawberry vegan, chocolate, vegan chocolate, greenberry, and vanilla. These are sold in boxes of 24 packets, each of which contain an individual serving. They are also sold in larger re-sealable bags that provide 30 servings. At the time of the writing of this review, both of those types of packaging were being sold for $129.99, which makes it clear that the dieters who choose the individual packets will be paying considerably more for this convenience. That said, considering that even in the cheaper format, it provides only a month supply, it is a notable price to pay to diet in with this tool.

Though there is some information available through the manufacturer’s official website for Shakeology, how it should be used, and what should be expected from its use, it never makes any specific reference to scientific study that would suggest that it has been proven that its use will actually result in weight loss.

The idea is that by replacing a meal with these products, the calorie intake in a day will automatically be reduced, because a higher calorie meal will be dropped down to the 140 calories of the shake. At the same time, the protein in the shake (which is mainly from 90 percent whey protein isolate) is supposed to digest slowly in the body so that even though the calories are few, there will still be a sensation of lasting fullness.