Slimming Body Shaper

Slimming Body Shaper reviewThe Slimming Body Shaper from Norm Thompson Outfitters is one of two similar products – the other from another manufacturer – that have promised to provide people that they will not only instantly appear thinner when they wear it, but they will also lose fat from their bodies because of caffeine that is infused into the fabric.

This product has received a 3.8 star review (out of a possible 5) from customers who have provided their feedback on the official website of the store. This shape wear appears to have a number of strengths as well as certain drawbacks, of which consumers should become aware before they take out their credit cards and purchase the product.

To begin, the Slimming Body Shaper is constructed with corrective bands as well as a “tummy panel” that helps to provide the appearance of slimming and smoothing in the area of the hips and waist as it is warn. Moreover, it also provides lift and support to the bust and rear areas. It uses the “Micromassaging Lytess®” fabric, which has been infused with caffeine and botanicals, which it simply calls “natural ingredients”. Those substances had previously been said to help to further slim down the body even after this caffeine infused underwear has been removed, though the website has now changed the wording to state that the skin is moisturized by the formula and that the massaging seamless fabric rubs it in. These ingredients remain in the fabric for up to 30 washes, according to the site.

That said, recently, the U.S. government released a statement through the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), stating that unlike those former claims made about the Slimming Body Shaper from Norm Thompson Outfitters, the caffeine in the clothing will not help to reduce fat or cellulite. Moreover, the marketers of these and the rival product from Wacoal America were both required to refund over $1.5 million to American customers who had purchased these products for their fat busting properties. The FTC said that those claims were “not true or substantiated by scientific evidence” and that they had been “deceptively advertised, marketed, and sold”.

The marketing description of the product has since been changed and the primary complaint that women seem to have about the Slimming Body Shaper was that it required them to purchase a size larger than they would have expected. Overall, as regular standard shape wear, they appeared to be satisfied. At the time of this review, it was being sold on the official website for a sale price of $29.99, which was a discount from the regular price of $79.99.