The Neck Genie Elite

The Neck Genie Elite reviewThe Neck Genie Elite is a gadget that has been sold online and in stores – including as an As Seen On TV product – which has been designed to help its users to be able to eliminate their dreaded double chins.

The design of the Neck Genie Elite is such that it is meant to work like a “resistant toning system” that targets the neckline. The effect promised by the official description for this product is that it will help to lift, tighten and tone sagging neck muscles so that the appearance of neck fold and double chin will be reduced.

It claims that you can use this product to help yourself to appear younger than you are without having to resort to “painful surgery”.

The device is built to allow for an adjustable tension level so the user will be able to make a choice as to how much resistance is appropriate for his or her neck workout. The official description promises that by using this product for only a few minutes each day, a more youthful appearance can be achieved.

The purchase of this item includes the Neck Genie Elite but also a carrying pouch. It is designed to allow the user to rest his or her chin on the top of the device, while the lower portion rests against the upper chest. The user is supposed to push down with his or her chin, using the neck muscles, to push down and release the spring-loaded resistance bar.

The problem with the concept of this device is that it targets the neck muscles but does not actually target the area’s fat or sagging skin. No amount of muscle workouts can change a person’s fat levels or skin elasticity in a specific area.

In this way, this device feeds off one of the most commonly believed myths in the weight loss industry: that fat loss can be targeted. Unfortunately, no matter what exercise and diet pill products may claim, there is no way to target a certain area of the body for fat loss. The muscle can be worked and toned and fat can be lost over the entire body, but there is no way to use a specific workout or exercise to cause fat to be burned away in one specific part of the body. Just as crunches and sit-ups don’t actually burn fat around the belly, there is no proof that the Neck Genie Elite would remove any fat stored around the neck and chin area.

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