Ursula Women’s Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper

Ursula Women's Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper reviewThe Ursula Women’s Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper is a wearable body shaping product made out of latex, cotton and spandex. It is made and sold by a company from Columbia called Ursula Body Shapers.

The product is fair-trade and claims to use high quality manufacturing following equally high quality design and technology use in order to create it in the first place. The core of the product is made out of 100 percent latex, while the interior lining that actually comes in contact with the skin is a combination of 96 percent cotton and 4 percent spandex. That said, the marketing materials underscore the fact that it uses an odorless latex, so it won’t leave you with the somewhat skunky and rubbery smell associated with that substance.

This product is meant to be used as a very high quality cincher that is easy to size and use. It claims that it will not only help to improve your shape, but it will also enhance an individual’s self esteem and “does your body good”. While it reduces the waistline and belly area, it also provides a lifting effect for the bust area. By doing this, it claims to improve posture and, therefore, alleviate back pain through the support it provides. The official website states that wearers can feel the results as soon as they put the cincher on.

This cincher is made to be extremely tough but it is also meant to help you to sweat out any water weight you might be carrying around your middle. If you wear it during a workout, it is designed to be durable enough to withstand your exercises, while the inside is soft enough to protect your skin. There is boning in this product for added support, but it is flexible so it is not meant to give the same restricted feeling of a corset.

The hook and eye closures of the Ursula Women’s Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper have three rows. It is meant to be purchased so that the loosest row fits. That way, as weight is lost from workouts and proper eating, it can be tightened to continue to fit.

The product is available in two height options, standard and long band. This makes it possible for people to choose a size that is appropriate for the look they want and for their unique body type.