Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock

Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock reviewFor people who love exercising more than anything else, and for those who find it increasingly difficult to get out of bed and do a workout first thing in the morning, the Wake Up Work out Alarm Clock can be the solution that many have been seeking. Starting the day off right with a regular exercise routine is something that sounds good when you’re headed to bed at night, but it can seem a lot more challenging to do when the buzzer goes off and all you want to do is stay in bed for as long as you possibly can.

The Wake Up Work out Alarm Clock has come up with a way to give you the motivation that you need to start a workout right away. When that alarm goes off and you’re frustrated with the fact that you need to get up, all of that energy can be focused on doing 30 curls with this weight-shaped alarm clock. Until those reps are completed, the alarm clock will continue to sound, so there isn’t any chance that you will hit snooze, roll over, and sleep some more instead of doing any exercises.

This functions as an arm shaper alarm clock because the only way to turn it off is by doing thirty reps. Motion sensors that are built into the device allow it to track the number of reps that have been completed. It can even tell if they are being completed, meaning that you won’t be able to get away with cheating, and you will even learn how to complete your reps more effectively because you’ll want to complete them properly so that the alarm will shut off.

One side of the dumbbell has a countdown timer built into it so that you’ll be able to track how many reps you have completed accurately, from 30 down to zero. Assuming that the upward motion is perfect every time, the number will continue to click down until all of your reps are complete.

The idea is that this device will allow you to push yourself just that much further. Plus, as long as you set your clock for the right time, then you can be sure that when you’re done your reps, you will have enough time to complete the rest of the workout that you want to do every day, as well. You’ll have activated your muscles and your heart will have started pumping, reducing the risk that you’ll want to flop back into bed.

The device comes with two different alarm modes and an LCD clock light. It requires 2 AAA batteries (which are, of course, not included).

The downside to this device are that it doesn’t weigh very much (1.5 pounds) and additional weight options aren’t offered. Also, there is nothing that stops a user from chucking it in a closet after the first rude awakening, and then returning to their old alarm clock!