24 Day Challenge

24 Day Challenge reviewThe 24 Day Challenge is a diet program that is meant to help people to reach important weight loss goals within a span of twenty four days. It was created by Avocare, which is a company that has been developing health and nutrition supplements for around two decades.

The design of the program is that it starts with a ten day detox and cleansing component that is meant to help to eliminate toxins from the body and prepare it for rapid weight loss. The detoxification is meant to help to increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and hydration in a healthy way instead of being stopped up and blocked as a result of toxin buildup. To follow this step, a sugar free energy drink is consumed by the dieter. Naturally, this product is manufactured by the company. The company claims that this phase also boosts energy levels and eliminates cravings. The energy boost is important as many people will typically suffer from fatigue while their bodies are going through a detoxification.

The second part is called the Max phase continues for the remainder of the 24 days. It is designed to help the body to build up its momentum to naturally increase energy levels so that calories will be burned more effectively. Equally, this phase is meant to help to continue to keep cravings and appetite away from high carb foods and sweets that can make it much harder to keep daily calories under control. The second phase continues the use of the energy drink and uses meal replacement shakes, as well.

For individuals who subscribe to the “plus plan” version of this program, they will also receive more products that are meant to help to feed lean muscle mass so that fat will be burned but muscle will not.

The majority of doctors would call this a fad diet and feel that it is an extreme way to attempt to lose weight. Typically speaking, this type of dieting is not recommended as it throws off the metabolism and will often cause weight to balloon back on again once it has been stopped and normal healthy eating patterns are adopted.

This is, in part, because the calorie intake is very low for twenty four days and this causes the metabolism to slow down because it feels that the body is going through a period of starvation. It is therefore compensating by burning calories as slowly as possible in case of famine.