Angelina Jolie Diet

Angelina Jolie Diet reviewThe Angelina Jolie Diet is a type of strategy that many people consider to be rather odd and quite different from what other dieting programs recommend. Though few details are provided about what must specifically be done in order to lose weight, the primary recommendation is a focus on whole foods while avoiding sugar. Moreover, there is one strict regulation which states that meals must always be consumed while sitting down.

Other than being known as the Angelina Jolie Diet, it is also called the Candlelit Diet, which is a name that stems from the recommendation that meals be consumed in a room that is neither bright nor well lit.

It should be noted that the fat levels in this diet were low enough that Brad Pitt, her partner at the time of the creation of the diet – as it was developed before their marriage – expressed concern, particularly during the time when she was pregnant with their twin children.

Aside from a recommendation to consume whole foods, there is also a focus placed on meals that are organic and low fat. The reason that there are very few fats included within this eating strategy is that the celebrity feels that a diet that is high in fats will only train the body – particularly in developing children – to crave foods that are unhealthy. That said, the majority of doctors, nutritionists and dieticians agree that a very low fat or no fat diet should also be considered to be unhealthy.

Therefore, this program does allow for the consumption of certain specific foods that contain healthful fats, such as nuts.

The reason that dieters are supposed to be sitting in a room that is not well lit is that it drives the individual to pay more attention to what he or she is placing in his or her mouth at any given time. More time can be spent chewing and experiencing the food instead of being distracted by movement or what is going on in the rest of the room. People standing up or who are in a brightly lit room are far more likely to rush through a meal, which is hard on digestion and which promotes overeating.

The diet also encourages eating while seated on a cushion or low stool as opposed to a traditional chair. The purpose of this posture is to be able to properly relax before a meal in order to encourage the body to boost the efficient absorption of nutrients.