HMR program

HMR program reviewThe HMR program, also known as the Health Management Resources program, is a form of dieting strategy based on meal replacement. There are tons of programs that use this technique of replacing a regular whole food based meal with special shakes or bars that are supposed to provide the right kind of nutrition while promoting weight loss at the same time.

There is considerable controversy over the benefits of this type of dieting, particularly over the long term, as many meal replacement products have been found to be lacking in nutrition, far too low in calories or simply don’t set the dieter up to keep the weight off over time.

In the case of the HMR program, the meal replacement strategy is combined with the consumption of lots of fruits and veggies for the purpose of giving weight loss a jump start. This diet works to get around the criticisms that have been faced by other meal replacement diets by gradually easing off the meal replacement while simultaneously introducing dietary changes that are considered to be far more sustainable.

While the program does greatly encourage exercise, its fitness recommendations remain quite light – much lighter than those typically associated with the majority of diets for weight loss or even overall health. To meet the goals of this program, all you need is to walk for ten to twenty minutes per day.

The official website for the program claims that the average amount of weight loss from patients who follow the clinical HMR program is 66 pounds over a span of 26 weeks. These were the stats for the patients who started at a BMI greater than 40 and who completed a minimum of 12 weeks with the program. Therefore, it should be taken into consideration that these stats don’t reveal the drop-out rate and they don’t show the average rate of weight loss for dieters as a whole. Equally, if the main focus of this program is people who are starting out at a BMI of 40, it does explain the limited exercise requirement as that would be more fitness-appropriate for patients with that grade of obesity.

The average amount of weight loss for people following the HMR program from home instead of from the clinic is 23 pounds over a span of 12 weeks. Again, that data included only the stats related to the number of people who actually completed 12 weeks of the program and doesn’t reveal the drop-out rate.

The official website shows that the full price of the at-home program is $301.65 for the first three weeks (which suggests that it would be around $1,206.60 for 12 weeks), though there was an introductory offer at the time, which indicates that there are sales available for the first three weeks of this program. This price included the shakes to be taken each day instead of certain meals.

The price when following the program through a clinic was not listed on the official website.

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