Park Avenue Diet

Park Avenue Diet reviewThe Park Avenue Diet is a type of weight loss plan that uses a very low number of calories over a short period of time in order to try to drop the pounds very quickly. This strategy was developed by Dr. Stuart Fischer.

It was created in order to help a dieter to be able to get started on a new lifestyle that will help them to look and feel better. As a part of this diet and then the lifestyle that is adopted afterward, Dr. Fischer recommends a focus on diet and fitness, but also beauty and fashion.

The complete Park Avenue Diet strategy lasts for six weeks and is broken down into three stages. The three stages are:


• “Inviting Success” – This phase lasts for the first two weeks and focuses on self discovery. Here, dieters are given the basics of the program that involve developing a better understanding of the seven areas of image reinvention, and then gradually adding them into their daily routine.
• “Preparing for Greatness” – This phase lasts for the length of the third week. Here, dieters must keep up with their newly developed diet and continue to practice their new skills, developing them into habits.
• “Making the A-List” – This phase continues for the last three weeks, throughout which the diet is continued as it was, and exercise levels are boosted.

Though that outline makes it seem quite simple and achievable, the truth about the Park Avenue Diet is that it is exceptionally restrictive. Each day, three meals are allowed, as well as a snack and a dessert. The dieter must drink a large amount of water in order to ensure proper hydration. While there are a typical number of eating periods, calories need to be kept between 1,200 and 1,500 per day.

Dieters need to keep their portion sizes inside of controlled limits, and their foods are made up mainly of vegetables, fruits, brown rice, lean proteins, pastas, and select dairy products. All artificial sweeteners, fruit juice, milk, alcohol, sugar, and other sweets are required to be eliminated.

There are exercise recommendations provided throughout the length of the Park Avenue Diet. The intensity of the required workouts builds over time. According to information about the diet, the average participant loses between one and two pounds per week. This is a healthy amount of weight loss, but it is also the amount that many people will lose with less restrictive strategies.