Shapely Secrets

Shapely Secrets ReviewShapely Secrets is an As Seen On TV product that is advertised as being able to help people – particularly women – to be able to tone their muscles, boost their fitness level and achieve a more shapely body. This product is marketed toward women of all ages, having images of women who appear to be in their 20s, as well as having spotlighted the success story of a 61 year old woman. That said, that success story also happens to belong to the creator of this fitness kit.

Shapely Secrets is a kit that is the primary component of the fitness, toning and weight loss program that goes by the same name. According to the marketing claims on the official As Seen On TV website, the developer of this product, Greer Childers, used the last 20 years to “transform” the lives of “millions of women” with this program. This does not specifically point to any real results, nor are any sales or usage figures provided to support those claims. However, this claim is also made on the official Shapely Secrets homepage.

Both sites also point to “University studies,” none of which are specifically cited or referenced, in which the manufacturer claims that Shapely Secrets is “5 times more effective at working muscle than conventional weight lifting.”

This particular claim is disconcerting as a company will usually proudly provide a reference or even link to any published research focused on its product. In this case, it is suggested that multiple studies have been conducted, but no information other than the fact that they were held by universities is provided. This makes the research virtually untraceable. Moreover, it doesn’t provide any information regarding the method, the number of participants or the actual results that were measured. While the claim could be entirely legitimate, the way in which it has been presented makes it appear rather dubious.

Moving on to what the Shapely Secrets product actually provides, consumers receive a DVD with the 7 Minute Workout and the Getting Started guide. There is also a program booklet called “The 7 Secrets to Being Thin & Shapely,” and a My Success Book, tape measure, Success Chart, reminder bookmark and timer that make it easier for users to track their progress. It also includes Small Steps Big Success, which is a motivational audio CD.

Ordering the product online also provides consumers with an additional Greer’s Total Body Workout DVD, the Shapely Secrets Preview Program and a makeup bag, though it’s unclear as to what role the bag is supposed to play in fitness or in this program.

According to the As Seen on TV claims, results will vary from one user to the next but the typical results that can be expected are a change in one dress size and a reduction of 6 pounds within the first 14 days. That represents an extreme amount of weight loss and is either referring to water loss that will return upon rehydration or a potentially dangerously fast amount of fat loss against which most doctors would advise.

It is highly recommended that the advice of a doctor be sought before starting this program as the claims are excessive and inadequately supported.

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