Slow Carb Diet

Slow Carb Diet reviewThe Slow Carb Diet is a type of program for losing weight that was originally created by Tim Ferriss, who is also the author of a plan called the 4-Hour Body. In fact, that second book outlines the plan for the Slow Carb Diet.

In order to stick to this program, participants are meant to follow a set of rather strict guidelines with respect to the foods that they are and are not permitted to eat. The diet does have a number of things in common with reduced carb diets, but unlike the typical program of that nature, it does allow dieters to drink some alcohol every day, if they want, provided that it is in the form of red wine.

Tim Ferriss explains in the Slow Carb Diet that he drinks red wine, so it seems that it has been created in order to cater to his own personal tastes and preferences. Overall, there are five primary rules that make up the diet and it was possible to find all of them without having to actually purchase the 4-Hour Body book. That said, that book could be found at a number of discount and second hand book sites, so many dieters might find it easier simply to find a cheap copy of that book and buy it to use as their own reference.

The rules that must be followed for this diet are extremely close to those of a large number of other low carb diets that are currently quite popular. What makes this one stand out is that dieters who participate in this diet are allowed to have one “cheat day” per week, in which they are permitted to break from the strict rules.

The five main rules are that white carbs are not permitted; dairy, fruit, sugar, and alcohol (except for up to two glasses of red wine per day) are not permitted; protein must be eaten first thing in the morning; a limitless amount of chicken, mixed veggies, eggs, peas, grass fed beef, pork, asparagus, spinach, pinto beans, black beans, and lentils can be eaten every day; one day per week can be chosen as a cheat day in which the dieter can eat whatever he or she wants.

The author claims to stick to the diet to the letter, and he has an exceptionally popular blog in which he regularly uploads images of his meals.