The 5-Factor Diet

The 5-Factor Diet reviewThe 5-Factor diet is a type of lifestyle based weight loss strategy that works along with a book that was published by Harley Pasternak, a celebrity fitness trainer. It is a program that is designed to help dieters to overcome feelings of hunger and wanting to overeat, because it involves the consumption of five meals per day.

The name of this diet is quite appropriate, as it works the number five into its strategy in many different ways. For example, dieters who adhere to this diet will – as was said – consume five meals per day. Among the recipes that are provided in the book, each one contains five different ingredients and each one requires five minutes to prepare it. Furthermore, dieters are instructed to complete 25 minute workouts (five times five is 25), and they are expected to do these workouts five times per week. Every 25 minute session is broken down into five different 5-minute exercises.

According to Pasternak’s claims within the book, by consuming five different well balanced meals every day, the blood sugar will remain even all day long and will not spike or crash. This is very important to the mood and motivation of the dieter as well as to his or her energy levels that will keep that individual going.

The five ingredient meals from the 5-Factor Diet are focused on the five different food groups, which are (according to this strategy):

• Fiber – for instance, fruits and veggies, particularly those with edible skin, as well as wild rice, beans, wholegrain cereal, etc.
• Protein – for example, fat-free dairy, fish, egg whites, lean meats, etc.
• Healthy Fat – for instance, tuna, salmon, sardines, canola oil, peanut oil, and sunflower oil.
• Complex carbs – such as wild rice, beans, sweet potato, quinoa, veggies, etc.
• A sugar-free beverage – for example, water, coffee, tea, sugar-free soft drinks, etc.

One day per week, dieters are allowed to “cheat” from the plan and can eat whatever they want. The goal of that day is to help to satisfy cravings for foods that are not appropriate within this eating plan. In this way, people will know that they can still have their treat food as long as they stick to the plan for the rest of the week. Aside from that one day off, the meals are restricted to those that are dictated by the plan and that fall within the five food groups identified for this program.