The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

The Fast Metabolism Diet Eat More Food and Lose More Weight reviewThe Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight is a book written by Haylie Pomroy and Eve Adamson and that describes a weight loss strategy. This diet program is meant to help people to be able to shed the extra fat without having to suffer from constant hunger. In fact, it is designed to teach people to eat as much as they want in terms of quantity, without harming their weight management as they will be able to make smarter choices.

According to the official description for the book, Pomroy has already assisted “countless” people in losing as much as 20 pounds in only 4 weeks. It’s important to note that this claim does include the “up to” statement, which means that even if all Pomroy’s clients lost only 1 pound, but one of them lost 20 pounds, this statement would still be true. This does not mean the average person following Pomroy’s instructions lost that much, nor does it mean many of them have done so. It means at least one.

The book description refers to Pomroy as “the metabolism whisperer” for being able to use food to burn fat. The mindset is a healthy one in that Pomroy teaches that food is not a person’s enemy. Instead, it must be understood, respected and enjoyed through choices that can boost a slow metabolism in order to improve the body’s ability to burn fat.

This diet plan allows dieters to eat quite a lot of food. This includes three full meals and a minimum of two daily snacks. At the same time, this weight loss program doesn’t require dieters to have to count calories, reduce carbs or slash fat. This is not a strategy that involves banning food groups or making drastic changes and restrictions that stop people from ever touching their favorite foods.

Instead, this strategy is based on a rotation of food throughout each week. It uses a plan that the description calls simple and proven –though it does not cite published scientific studies to back up that claim. The goal is to bring about precise physiological changes that speed up the metabolism to the point that it will make a difference on the scale.

The strategy is as follows:

• Phase I is on Mondays and Tuesdays and requires the consumption of a large number of fruits and carbs.
• Phase II is from Wednesday to Thursday and involves eating tons of veggies and proteins.
• Phase III is on Friday through Sunday and includes all the foods from Monday through Thursday, in addition to healthy fats and oils.

This never allows the metabolism to become too “comfortable” with the types of foods you’re eating. In that way, it can’t settle and slow down. It must always adapt to the changes being made. While this may not officially be proven, it makes it possible to feel full, to obtain a more complete and balanced nutrition and to focus on healthful eating.

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