Zerona Laser Fat Removal

Zerona Laser Fat Removal Lasers are devices that are used by trained professionals in clinics and these products are being regularly marketed as a form of fat reduction. But can something as simple as a powerful beam of light actually help us to lose weight?

There are many different brands and techniques for laser fat removal. This review refers specifically to the only FDA approved laser fat removal device: Zerona. It is a large machine that is used by practitioners in clinics as opposed to being something that can be purchased for home use.

The procedure itself is typically referred to as “body contouring” when it comes to Zerona laser fat removal. When reading customer reviews online it is easy to see that many people are quite pleased with the results they have experienced. That said, even those who are very happy with the procedure acknowledge that it is not simply a “miracle cure” or a quick fix as is the claim of all too many products in the weight loss marketplace.

Instead, this is a procedure that is meant to complement a healthful eating plan and regular exercise commitment. The target market for laser fat removal usually isn’t people who are obese and need a considerable amount of weight loss. Instead, it is typically aimed toward people who are already eating right and exercising but have plateaued or need faster results than what they are achieving. The work is still required. The procedure is just meant to speed things up.

Moreover, the procedure is usually meant for people who not only have only a small amount of weight to lose, but who are also focused on certain specific problem areas such as the waist, thighs or hip areas.

The Zerona laser fat removal system functions by directing lasers at the patient’s lower body. It actually uses those lasers to poke tiny holes into the fat cells to cause them to deflate. Apparently, this is not a painful process. All the fat cells remain in the body, they’re simply smaller. Furthermore, the holes in the cells allow the fat to be released into the patient’s intestinal fluid. From there, the lymphatic system flushes it out.

Depending on the goals for the treatments, it will typically take several sessions in order to achieve the desired results, but many patients can complete the process in under two weeks and with fewer than ten laser fat removal sessions.

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