Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back book reviewGet Your Body Back is a book that is written for new mothers. It was authored by Anita Weil Bell and is designed to help new moms to be able to lose their baby weight once they have given birth. The book describes the ways in which women can lose that extra weight and get their bodies back into shape again. It recognizes that not every new mom is able to stay at home or can afford a gym membership, and it provides options that are meant to take those issues into account.

The book is designed to be used over a period of three months and it provides a plan that can be followed throughout that time. The plan is broken down into three different stages. The first stage explains how new moms can effectively eat healthy and keep things light. The second stage provides a number of strategies for doing proper workouts on a regular basis. The third phase is a unique one as it explains how new moms can take better care of themselves and even give themselves a much needed treat.

The author of the book is a mother who has experienced the issues that she discusses throughout the book, so it is based on a certain degree of firsthand experience and the ability to relate to moms who are having a hard time trying to shed the baby weight once they have brought their little angel into the world.

At the time that this review was written, neither the author nor the book appeared to have its own website, which means that it is a standalone product without the additional support that some books provide online. It is a product that is available quite easily in print bookstores both online and in brick and mortar shops.

This is a well thought out book that takes into account many of the real issues that arise when trying to tackle postpartum weight loss. Many of those issues are not covered in regular weight loss books as they are unique to the experience of the new mother. This book provides a great deal of support and encouragement to women who are experiencing changes in their bodies and in their lives for the first time and who want to do things in a realistic and healthy way. It provides plans and tools that they can actually use, but doesn’t forget the importance of treating oneself every now and again.