Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria scale reviewThe Fitbit Aria is marketed on the official website as the “Wi-Fi Smart Scale”. The Fitbit brand has a range of different products such as fitness bands and pedometers that can connect with a computer in order to improve tracking for performance monitoring, weight loss, and weight maintenance, among other features. Now, the brand is offering a scale that syncs with the same systems.

The Aria is designed to help a user to be able to track his or her weight, percentage of body fat, and body mass index (BMI). The goal is to be able to obtain a more rounded and accurate view of a person’s body composition, while giving a clearer picture of long term progress. It goes a step beyond the traditional bathroom scale with its display. This weight loss product wirelessly connects with a computer or smart device so that it can graph your stats and provide a range of online tools that will help users to stay on track and remain motivated.

Of course, all of this comes with a price tag, and with the current fad for fitness and weight trackers, it isn’t too surprising that the Aria rings in at $129.95 at the time that this review was written. Is it worth it?

It is a sleek and attractive device that is available in two colors. It measures 12.3 inches by 12.3 inches on the main sensing platform, it is flat, and weighs 4.3 pounds. It sits 1.3 inches off the floor. While it is an appealing looking device, on its own, when placed in a room, it is designed well enough that it doesn’t really stand out – which is a good feature in a scale.

It is quite simple to install and works well with the rest of the powerful cloud based fitness tools available through the Fitbit brand. The key is in deciding whether or not all of these tools are worth it when a regular bathroom scale can usually be purchased for less than a tenth of the price. That said, many people find that the added tools provide added motivation so that they will actually stick to a weight loss or maintenance effort that they have started. Moreover, as the information received by the scale is automatically uploaded to be tracked, it eliminates the need to enter it into the mobile tools manually. The easier it is, the more likely a person will be to keep up with it.