Slimkids reviewObesity is a problem that is affecting not only adults, but also children, and this problem is rising at a startling rate. In order to help to counteract this troubling trend, there have been a number of efforts that are being made, some of which are official, from the government level, while others are being developed in the private sector, as is the case with the Slimkids weight loss program.

This program was created to help kids who are 11 years old or younger and who need to be able to lose at least 12 pounds in order to find their way back into their healthy weight range. This is not a new program, but was actually started back in 1995. Its purpose was to help to provide families guidance and assistance in making sure that they make the right choices for eating healthy and to encourage their kids to establish and maintain a lifestyle that includes higher nutrition and activity levels. The point was to build these habits while the kids were young in order to help to ensure that they would be maintained into the adolescence and adulthood.

Slimkids claims to be both safe and healthy for kids and that it helps them to achieve their unique dietary and activity requirements. It suggests nutritional foods and provides coaching so that kids will be more likely to eat healthy portions of foods that are dense in the nutrition that they need. Its official website claims that the program is approved by dietitians.

The goal through the use of these new eating habits and activity levels is to lose an average of one to one and a half pounds each week. The stats from the program claim that three out of every four participants will lose a minimum of 12 pounds during the time that they keep up with the program.

The program is highly affordable. At the time of this review a flat cost of $29.95, which is considerably less than the majority of adult programs. Once the program has been ordered by mail or fax, the family is shipped a package that contains everything that is needed to learn about Slimkids and how to adhere to it. Beyond the booklet and other elements that are mailed out, professional support is also provided on the website and through email.

This program has a 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping), so that the booklet can be returned for a refund of the purchase price.