Gut Busters

Gut Busters review

Gut Busters is a weight loss plan that is published within a popular book that became quite the trend for a period of time. The author behind the book is Joyce L. Vedral, PhD. Vedral is a bodybuilder from the United States who gained a following across the country.

She appears to have designed the book with adult males in mind. In particular, she has geared the book toward men who are struggling to lose belly fat and who want to be able to replace their gut with a tighter, toned set of ab muscles.

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Thin Choice

Thin Choice reviewThin Choice is a product that has been published by, which may sound as though it is a website that offers a free diet but it is actually a book that provides readers with the life stories of actual people who struggled with their weight and were then able to diet effectively. The idea is that this is a book of many different strategies and plans that were used by regular everyday people and that should, therefore, be useable by others, as well.

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that as soon as the subject is brought up, there is always a story from someone else about themselves, their aunt, their brother, or a friend who used one technique or another to be able to drop the pounds more quickly and easily. has worked to assemble the more helpful versions of those ideas from the people who used them in order to successfully lose weight. The Thin Choice book is 192 pages long and while it does not claim to provide the reader with any weight loss promises or medical advice, it does suggest that it will be easier for them to lose weight after having learned about what others just like them have gone through.

That said, it is in that area that the positive support appears to run out.

The book itself is free, but the reader is expected to pay for its shipping and handling. That said, in order to request the book, the dieter must enter his or her name, email, address, and phone number, and must then answer a number of questions that are clearly designed to sort them into one group or another for advertisers. The individual is then offered a whole range of different types of products and services including those for health insurance, diabetes supplies, sleep apnea, nutritional coaching, and a personal trainer.

The offers from the personal trainer are particularly interesting as the website that advertises this free book specifically says that by reading it, the dieter will be able to “avoid expensive trainers.” Some of the images that are shown from the different parts of the book show pictures of active people who are out and walking their dogs, or who are eating oatmeal. This suggests that much of the advice in the book isn’t exactly revolutionary, but that this might simply be a compilation of common knowledge of which many dieters may already be perfectly aware.

At the time that this review was written, the shipping for the Thin Choice book was about standard, at $6.95. That said, a free recipe book could also be added to the order but the shipping rises to a total of $9.95 at that point.