The Reverse Diet

The Reverse Diet reviewThe Reverse Diet is a book that describes a form of weight loss that involves a relatively simple strategy that reverses the order of the meals that are consumed in a day. The claims surrounding this program are that a dieter will be able to lose as much weight as they want in this way.

Of course, there’s a little bit more to it than that. It starts by having the dieter identify his or her weight loss goals, then it continues by focusing on breaking habits relating to emotional eating that cause a dieter to make poor food choices. Then it expands the positive healthy eating habits to the rest of the family by teaching everyone the importance of this type of food consumption. It teaches the dieter how to select nutritious meals, how to understand cues that make the dieter feel hungry and how to better respond to them, how to promote a healthy lifestyle while managing struggles along the way, and then how to make sure that the weight doesn’t come back on once it has been lost.

This sounds as though it is an all around effective and positive weight loss strategy. However, whether or not this can be accomplished through this program will require a closer look at everything that is involved and the resources provided within the book.

By following the system of the Reverse Diet, you will start by eating a substantial breakfast that will get your metabolism going and that will provide you with a considerable amount of energy. You will follow this by healthy snacks that are eaten throughout the day, including for lunch, to make sure to keep hunger pangs at bay and to keep up your energy levels. By preventing the feeling of “starving” and by stopping energy from drooping, it becomes easier to be able to avoid making the wrong food choices. Finally, a light and refreshing dinner finishes off the day’s meals.

There is no specific calorie limit assigned to dieters who are using this program. There is also a limited amount of specific information provided on the official website for this program, making it difficult for a dieter to know whether or not this is the right program for him or her without actually purchasing the entire book.

The Reverse Diet does come with a notable number of resources, including a cookbook that is available online on the official website to complement the diet book. At the time of this review, the book was available on Amazon for $14.98, which was a sale price (the full list price was $24.95.